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Industry News
About Hang Shuai

Beijing Air the handsome Hyde Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is a many years specializing in smart cards (including contactless, non-contact) with common PVC card development, production, sales and service of high-tech card companies, product range, quality excellent price, duration fast and perfect after-sales service for the purpose, to win the trust and support of the majority of the card industry and the national card industry, users. Since its inception, product sales at home and abroad. Specializing in the production of making crystal drop card, shaped cards, card, contactless RF card, medical card, membership card, PVC card production, smart card, chip cards, loyalty cards, VIP cards, discount cards, magnetic stripe cards, ID cards , M1 card, IC card, PVC card, and the card business colleagues to provide comprehensive service and neutral packing. Its products are widely used in various fields of public transportation, education, finance, post and telecommunications, taxation, health care, social security, telecommunications, tourism, supermarket labeling technology, quality, market leading companies by introducing advanced foreign Coding guarantee equipment, strengthen the strict security measures, improve the IP card scratch card production speed and quality, with the number of orders for telecommunications companies and business to obtain The Company to take a wide range of cooperation to draw the card industry's successful technical experience to meet the requirements of the card industry, new technologies, new products and processes, and actively around system integration company maintained good cooperative relations with the government responsible for the department, in close cooperation Gold went into the hands of millions of households and the number of people. The Beijing Air handsome card system for the purpose of "excellence, perfect to attain, and attention to detail, the full range of quality services, to join hands with friends from various circles at home and abroad to promote the forward development of the information technology projects, and efforts to make greater contributions to the cause of the State Golden Card Project. To welcome old and new customers through our website or telephone contact with the company and for their valuable advice. Air handsome high-quality workforce, improve the management of the system, the comprehensive superb new process development, after-sales service of excellence is the Beijing Air handsome achieved the success it is today. Beijing Air handsome staff is willing to cooperate with domestic and international card industry, the fabrication of new technologies for the development of power, to the same objectives, united spirit, and you work together to create a new situation of the country and the card industry, as the country's information construction to make its due contribution.

Main products: card, Beijing system card, smart card, IC smart cards, contactless IC card, non-contact IC card, induction IC card, ID card, EM format ID card 4001ID thick card, 4100ID thickness card, 4100ISO thin card , MF1 (mifare one) thin card, TEMIC card, ATM24C01 card, proximity card card, RF card, shaped cards (the Keyring card, ABS coins, cards, watches, cards, hidden card), card smart cards, crystal drop card, VIP magnetic cards the imitation Weika, charge cards, membership cards, student cards, medical cards, medical insurance cards, card card production (portrait cards, like the work of a card, a card), the card dining card discount cards, calendar cards, outpatient cards, payment cards, promotional cards, medical insurance cards, security cards, loyalty cards, game cards; made the card gold plated (silver) cards: Gold, Silver, scratch cards, telecommunication cards, telecom cards, barcode cards, bank cards, stripping stripping card, metal card, charge card, password card, consumer cards, access cards, stereo cards, proximity cards, 3D cards, ID cards, card door lock card, card transparent card translucent frosted card.

Frequently Asked Questions

The printing color design draft does not match how to do?
Printing equipment is the most advanced and most authoritative international Heidelberg four-color printing press, the printing quality is extremely high. However, because the color is no absolute standard, different printing equipment, different brands of ink, different printing master operation will lead to a slight deviation of color. Therefore, customers need to fully understand the color deviation of the normal range; customers high printing requirements, we recommend that hit samples before mass production sample confirmed.

Delivery how to determine?
Under normal circumstances, the small volume orders (less than 10,000) as a particularly complex process, the delivery time is about one week; larger quantities, the process is more complex orders, delivery time is 10-12 days; particularly large number of orders delivery; specific consultations with our business staff need urgent orders, be specific with my business staff to discuss under the circumstances, we will start a special production channel to meet the needs of the customer (Customers are required to pay an additional fee).

Why our price is much lower than the card company?
1, all products of the company are in strict accordance with the international card industry standard production process.
2, my company all the devices are the industry's most advanced large-scale equipment, our advantage is that high-volume production, at the same time can be made according to customer demand for a variety of special process, and to provide a personalized service;
3, the majority of our workforce are the industry elite, rich experience, professionalism and superb skill, you can make high-quality products and professional services.
We adhere to the philosophy is specialized in manufacturing, economies of scale, value return ", so we want to give all customers to cooperate with us to bring value return.

Note printed design documents?
1, card size: 85.5 * 54mm (bleeding manuscripts 88.5 * 56.5mm)
2, text, symbols, patterns must be transferred into a curve
The artwork format as far as: CDR or AI
5, the color mode to CMYK.
6, text, graphics, etc. Please put 4mm inside the hemorrhage.
7, the line thickness is greater than 0.076, otherwise not see the printed lines.
8, convex yards to the distance of the edge should be 4mm; magnetic stripe to edge distance 4.2mm stripe width of 12.5mm.
9, shading or base map color set not less than 10%, in order to avoid the printed product can not be rendered.

Success Stories

Good news: Air handsome Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. with Changhong Group reached 50 million home appliances to the countryside the flag card Cooperation orders

Good news: Beijing Air handsome Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. and China Telecom signed a 170,000 PVC VIP

The good news: the the Beijing Air handsome Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. Hualian Supermarket to reach 50 million magnetic stripe the membership card Cooperation orders

Good news: Beijing Air handsome Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. and China Telecom signed a 200,000 PVC VIP

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